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dc.contributor.editorCastellanos Moya, Horacio
dc.contributor.otherVelasco Montante, Astrid
dc.format.extent64 pp.
dc.publisherUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Coordinación de Humanidades
dc.relation.haspartThis Issue/ Acosta, Mariclaire; The PRI and its Three Paradoxes / Trejo Delarbre, Raúl; Mexico-U.S. Oil Relations/ Serrato, Marcela; Modern Views on Foreign Investment in Mexico / Díaz, Luis Miguel; A New Concept of Latin American Integration / Green, Rosario; The Contadora Group and Peace in Central America / Córdova, Ricardo; The Mexican Stock Exchange: A New Financial Power/ Sierra, Jorge Luis; On the Mexico-U.S. Border. Between Two Laws/ Buswell, Jacqueline; Science and Technology in Mexico: Looking Forward/ Reséndiz Núñez, Daniel; Women Novelists in Mexico Reflect their Reality/ Job, Peggy; Mexican Women Film Directors/ Fernández Violante, Marcela; Painting. Saturnino Herrán: The Ephimeral and the Grandious / Fuentes Salinas, José; Mexicans as Objects and Subjects of Study / Cohen, Regina; Barquera, Luis Alberto; In Search of Identity (Review) / Cohen, Regina
dc.relation.requiresAdobe Acrobat
dc.titleVoices of Mexico: News, Commentary, Documents on Current Events in Mexico and Latin America
dc.audienceOtros públicos
dc.audienceMedios de comunicación
dc.contributor.advisortotheeditorGispert, Monserrat
dc.contributor.advisortotheeditorYampolsky, Mariana
dc.contributor.assistanteditorAlatorre, Sara
dc.contributor.businessmanagerRamírez, José Francisco
dc.contributor.designerMartinez, Ofelia
dc.contributor.distributionHispanic Books Distributors
dc.contributor.distributionDistribuidora Intemex
dc.contributor.printerRobles Hermanos
dc.contributor.salesandcirculationmanagerAzuela, Rafael
dc.contributor.translatorMersky, Marcie
dc.contributor.translatorRobledo, Barbara
dc.coverage.placeofpublicationMéxico[ca. 1987]
dc.description.extractThis issue of Voices of Mexico is an especially important one for us. After an exhaustive evaluation of the work we"d done to date, we"ve made some changes, incorporating new ideas into our editorial policy in an effort to provide more in depth analysis of the Mexican and Latin American reality. To reflect this new emphasis, we"ve also modified some aspects of the magazine"s format and structure. Part of our focus this time is on an extremely relevant economic issue in Mexico today, namely the development of the Mexican Stock Exchange. In just a very brief period, it has become a new financial power in the country, and thus, the subject of considerable discussion in economic and political circles. Our Report deals with the migration of Mexicans to the United States in search of work, one of the most conflictive aspects of the relationship between the two countries. The increasingly intolerant nature of U.S. legislation regarding the undocumented makes this a topic of primary concern for Mexico"s future. The challenges confronting Carlos Salinas de Gortari, presidential candidate of the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), is the subject of our lead in depth article. We are also running an article on Mexico-U.S. oil relations, as well as a very polemical piece on foreign investment in our country. Our coverage of Latin America focuses on two of the most pressing regional issues: Latin American integration and the search for peace in Central America. Both express a new Latin Americanist consciousness emphasizing sovereignty and the right to self determination for our peoples. Finally, in the Science and Culture sections, we take a panoramic look at some subjects which we hope will be of interest to all of our readers. In the former, new discoveries made by UNAM researchers in superconductors and astronomic equipment are highlighted. And in the latter, we"re running articles on the contribution of Mexican women to film and fiction in the development of the country"s arts.
dc.educationlevelMedio superior
dc.relation.issued6, December-February, 1987-1988

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