1. What is MiCISAN?
  2. The institutional repository of the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s Center for Research on North America.

  3. Who is in charge of MiCISAN?
  4. Norma Aída Manzanera Silva, MLS (manzaner@unam.mx), who works in the CISAN Publications Office.

  5. What kind of resources can be found at MiCISAN?
  6. The repository includes books, book chapters, a notebook series, series of installments, and articles from publications specializing in the social sciences, humanities, and the arts focused on the study of North America and its relationship to the world.
    The resources in the repository are the outcome of the research done in the institution or contributions from external bodies and institutions that have been freed of their embargo period or any other restriction.

  7. How are the MiCISAN resources organized?
  8. The collections in the repository are Norteamérica, Revista Académica del CISAN-UNAM, and its articles; complete books and their chapters; Cuadernos North America; and the popular-format magazine Voices of Mexico and its articles.

  9. How can a publication be included in MiCISAN?
  10. The information may be deposited by accredited members of the CISAN and published when the person in charge of the repository’s stewardship determines the relevance of the item’s inclusion in accordance with the valid profile, design, and formats previously established by MiCISAN, Institutional Repository.
    MiCISAN publishes only those items free of embargo identified through metadata, and assigning them a permanent hyperlink.

  11. How does MiCISAN guarantee the preservation of the items it publishes?
  12. In order to guarantee legibility and accessibility, MiCISAN cooperates with outside entities to convert or migrate file formats, record preservation metadata, and back-ups in external archives.
    MiCISAN, Institutional Repository regularly backs up its files in accordance with current best practices.
    Changes in deposited items are not permitted.

  13. How are copyrights protected?
  14. MiCISANsupports copyright law. This is why every work is individually labeled with its corresponding conditions of use. For more information, see the TERMS OF USE OF MiCISAN, Institutional Repository of the CISAN.

  15. Can an item published in MiCISAN be taken down?
  16. In accordance with the MiCISAN operating policies, the author or copyright holder can request an item be taken down, though this is not recommended.
    A digital object may be withdrawn from the repository due to publishing agreements, a proven copyright violation, plagiarism, false content, and reasons involving attacks on national security.
    Withdrawn items will remain on the platform indefinitely, but will not be visible to the public.
    Identifiers based on persistent links (URI) of items withdrawn will be preserved indefinitely.

  17. Who can consult the published content?
  18. Since the MiCISAN Institutional Repository is open access, specifically open science, anyone interested in the repository’s issues can freely consult the resources and without charge.

  19. How can I stay informed about the materials added to the platform?
  20. Users can obtain information about publications on the platform by clicking on the Register tab.

  21. How can the repository’s information be used?
  22. Both the metadata and the MiCISAN items may be used and reproduced for teaching and in academic and cultural dissemination activities, provided that a complete bibliographical reference is given, including the URL or link assigned by the repository, and that the original item is not changed in any way.
    Any other use of the items requires prior, written permission from the institution. For more information, see TERMS OF USE OF MiCISAN,  Institutional Repository of the CISAN (http://ru.micisan.unam.mx/page/terminos).


MiCISAN, Repositorio Institucional

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