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dc.contributor.editorCastellanos Moya, Horacio
dc.contributor.otherVelasco Montante, Astrid
dc.format.extent64 pp.
dc.publisherUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Coordinación de Humanidades
dc.relation.haspartThis Issue / Acosta, Mariclaire; Changes in U.S. Legislation: The Consequences for Mexico/ Lois Méndez, Manuel; Japanese Business Moves into Mexico / Celada, Edgar; Decentralization: Key to Mexico"s Development / Olmedo, Raúl; De la Madrid and Reagan Meet in Mazatlán / Arreola, Gerardo; Panama: U.S. Pressures for Change in Canal Treaties/ Benítez Manaut, Raúl; Mexico: What Lies Ahead? An Interview with the Press on the Elections/ Sierra, Jorge Luis; As Pollution Crosses the Border. Mexico and U.S. Move to Cooperate / Buswell, Jacqueline; The Three Faces of Mexican Television / Trejo Delarbre, Raúl; The Publishing Industry is Hard Hit by Inflation / Aranda Luna, Javier; Mexican Rock: The Ghost of Paradise Lives / Roura, Víctor; Mexico Through the Lens of Edward Weston / Fuentes Salinas, José; Books, Poetry: New Women’s Voices (Review); Books, An Environmental History of Mexico (Review)
dc.relation.requiresAdobe Acrobat
dc.titleVoices of Mexico: News, Commentary, Documents on Current Events in Mexico and Latin America
dc.audienceOtros públicos
dc.audienceMedios de comunicación
dc.contributor.advisortotheeditorGispert, Monserrat
dc.contributor.advisortotheeditorYampolsky, Mariana
dc.contributor.assistanteditorAlatorre, Sara
dc.contributor.businessmanagerRamírez, José Francisco
dc.contributor.correctorNewman, Gray
dc.contributor.designerEscareño, Juan
dc.contributor.designerMartínez, Ofelia
dc.contributor.distributionHispanic Books Distributors
dc.contributor.distributionDistribuidora Intemex
dc.contributor.salesandcirculationmanagerTrejo Gómez, Elisa
dc.contributor.translatorMersky, Marcie
dc.contributor.translatorRobledo, Barbara
dc.contributor.translatorNagao, Debra
dc.contributor.translatorWiliamson, Monique
dc.coverage.placeofpublicationMéxico[ca. 1988]
dc.description.extractIn this issue, which marks two years since Voices of Mexico began publication, we present three important themes in Mexico today: the electoral process; bilateral relations with our most important trade partners, the United States and Japan; and the cultural industry and its impact on the nation"s life. These three issues, marked by the greatest economic crisis through which our country has lived, are facets of one problem. From different angles, they demonstrate how Mexico"s society and government are confronting the dual fact of being a developing country and, at the same time, the neighbor of the most important capitalist power in the present world. This fact requires us to simultaneously resolve old problems and face new challenges. In Features, we present three articles dealing with our relations with the United States and Japan as well as an article on the urgent need to decentralize Mexico"s government and the country"s economy in order to move toward modernity. In this section, we also highlight the conflict in Panama: a situation which constitutes a serious problem for Mexico"s national security. Point of View is dedicated to Mexico"s electoral process which will culminate in elections in July. In an interview with three prominent political columnists, we approach the issues of possible changes within the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the advances of the political opposition, the role of the press in this political year and the possibility of U.S. influence in the electoral process. The Report deals with the problem of pollution along the Mexico-U.S. border: a highly sensitive issue which demands immediate solutions from both nations. Finally, in Culture, we publish a panorama of the present state of television, book publishing and rock and roll in Mexico. Each of these three areas express the richness of Mexico"s contemporary culture but also reveal Mexico"s inherent contradictions and the effects of the present crisis.
dc.educationlevelMedio superior
dc.relation.issued7, March-May, 1988

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